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Considerations Before Joint Surgery
Joint Surgery

Things to Consider Before Joint Surgery

The benefits of joint surgery are life-changing and can sometimes be a better option than conservative treatment methods. It can help relieve pain and swelling,

Physical Therapy for Migraines
Back Pain

Physical Therapy for Migraine Headaches

When you hear the term “orthopedic physical therapy,” you would likely think it only treats musculoskeletal conditions and injuries. However, did you know that it

Procedure of Joint Reconstruction Surgery
Joint Surgery

How Is Joint Reconstruction Surgery Performed?

In Macomb County, your joint reconstruction experts at Movement Orthopedics perform numerous state-of-the-art surgeries. These operations relieve pain, increase mobility, and restore the full lives

Treatments for Joint Pain
Joint Surgery

Preparing for Joint Reconstruction Surgery

In joint reconstruction surgery, surgeons restructure the joint by removing the damaged cartilage and bone. They will replace the joint with prosthetic materials so that

Types of Joint Reconstruction Surgery
Joint Surgery

Types of Joint Reconstruction Surgery

Our joints experience normal wear-and-tear as we age, and the resulting injuries can cause a significant amount of damage. If conservative treatment methods do not

Risks of Joint Replacement Surgery
Joint Replacement

What are the risks of joint replacement surgery?

Are you thinking about getting joint replacement surgery? If yes, then you’ve probably scoured the internet in an effort to weigh the pros and cons.