Tips for Maintaining Good Health After Finishing Physical Therapy Sessions

Tips for Maintaining Good Health After Finishing Physical Therapy Sessions

Recovery from an orthopedic injury or orthopedic surgery doesn’t end once you’ve finished your medicine and completed physical therapy. A significant aspect of your full recovery is what you continue to do at home.

Maintaining good health after your “official” recovery phase is just as vital as it was before. Your physical therapist will show you various movements and stretches you can and should continue to do on your own in order to maintain a strong, healthy body.

Let’s talk about some tips for maintaining good health after completing your physical therapy sessions, and where you can go in Clinton Township and Macomb County, Michigan, for world-class orthopedic treatments and specialized physical therapy.

How Can I Stay Strong After Physical Therapy Is Over?

Once your course of physical therapy sessions is complete, continue to follow through with the following in order to enjoy optimum results:

Continue Talking to Your Physical Therapist

Your first thought may be to explore different exercises than what your physical therapist taught you. You may even think that it’s time to return to your regular workout routine.

However, there are certain types of exercises you should perform to keep specific muscle groups strong and limber. If you didn’t ask your physical therapist about this during your last session, do not hesitate to ask them now.

Some questions you may want to ask could be:

  • How should I keep my flexibility up?
  • Should I go jogging or running to improve my cardiovascular health?
  • Are there specific exercises and stretches I should continue doing?

When in doubt, call your therapist. Your therapist may have additional advice for you.

Continue Moving with Caution

Now that you have your physical therapist’s blessing, it’s time to get moving! You will probably start with a light routine. It’s typically best to begin with simple stretches to avoid shocking your muscles. As time goes by, you may find that you are slowly able to incorporate heavier exercises.

Be Mindful About Your Nutrition

It’s easy to neglect nutrition when you’re focusing on strengthening exercises. However, your body needs plenty of nutrients for it to rebuild itself – the food you eat is your body’s fuel.

Your physical therapist may have already touched on this matter during your sessions. It’s best to include plenty of green, leafy vegetables and lean proteins in your diet.

Stay Hydrated at All Times

Hydration is essential for effectively delivering nutrients throughout your body. Drinking water and eating healthy food go hand in hand. Furthermore, staying hydrated can help you avoid headaches and fatigue while your body recovers completely.

Orthopedic Physical Therapy in Clinton Township, MI

At Movement Orthopedics, we have helped numerous patients through our orthopedic medical treatments and specialized physical therapy. We aim to help you return to doing the activities you love in the fastest way possible.

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