Physical Therapy And Exercise: The Right Combo For Healthy Muscles

Physical Therapy And Exercise The Right Combo For Healthy Muscles

Physical therapy reduces pain, increases strength, endurance, and mobility, and helps you recover after an injury or surgery. To benefit most from your PT program, incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Learn more about the PT and exercise combo that’s right for you.

Improve Your Health, Well-being, and Fitness Through Physical Therapy

When you seek help for pain and immobility from an orthopedic surgeon, you won’t always require surgery. In fact, most people, whether athletes or people dealing with arthritis, usually respond well to other treatment modalities. One of the most common and highly effective ones is physical therapy.

Just what is physical therapy, and how can it help your particular condition? Physical therapy is a detailed and customized plan of physical rehabilitation that corrects, stabilizes, and strengthens the movement of your musculoskeletal system–in other words, your joints and muscles.

Maybe you’re a golfer with a tender shoulder or a senior with low back or knee pain. Or, perhaps you had surgery for a damaged knee joint after a fall or car accident. Whatever your particular situation, your orthopedic doctor can incorporate physical therapy into your plan for recovery.

Physical therapists are highly-trained professionals who use many reliable techniques to reduce and eliminate pain, increase joint function, and improve overall well-being in patients of all ages. They employ both passive and active exercises and movements to invigorate your musculoskeletal system, improve your balance, strength, and endurance, and help you use assistive devices, such as canes, wheelchairs, braces, and more. Manual therapies include heat and cold application, vibration therapy, and the use of electrical stimulation (TENS) to optimize muscle function.

Ultimately, the goals of PT are patient independence, recovery, and reduction of pain and risk of injury. If you’re an athlete, your physical therapist will show you ways to safely and effectively participate in the sport you love whether you’ve had surgery, sustained a serious injury, or just want to optimize your performance.

Add Exercise To Physical Therapy

At Movement Orthopedics, our PT team knows numerous ways to help you with exercises suited to your treatment goals. They’ll show you ways to take pressure off weak or overused muscles and joints and make everyday movements and tasks easier to perform.

Good posture and overall bodily alignment make your movements more fluid and less strenuous. They depend on muscular strength in the:

  • Core
  • Neck
  • Lower back
  • Shoulder
  • Hip
  • Knee
  • Foot and ankle

Also, stretching exercises increase oxygenation and circulation to your injured or operated area. These, in turn, speed healing, promote flexibility and prevent future injury.

Exercises to Combine With Physical Therapy

A program of regular exercise improves your mood and motivation to stick with your physical therapy treatments. To optimize both, engage in an approved program of low-impact, aerobic exercise. Many people target 30 minutes five times a week.

Examples of popular and effective activities include:

  • Walking
  • Swimming and other types of aquatic exercises
  • Biking
  • Yoga
  • Lightweight training

Whatever you choose, exercise gently and never past the point of pain. If walking or another type of exercise is too strenuous, any type of movement will benefit you – even routine housework and errands keep muscles moving and strong.

Finally, ask your physical therapist for exercises to warm up your muscles ahead of your workout and to cool down afterward. You’ll be less likely to injure yourself or to feel sore afterward. Report to your therapist how your workouts are going. They will suggest ways to maximize their benefits.

At Movement Orthopedics, You Can Be Your Best

At our Clinton Township facility, our orthopedic physician, Dr. Jeffrey Carroll, and the physical therapy team will assist you in setting realistic exercise goals and help you stay motivated, too. Whether you have arthritis, a repetitive motion injury, or need a knee replacement, we’ll get you to your healthiest self. Call us at (586) 436-3785, or arrange a consultation through our homepage.

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