Picking A Good Carpal Tunnel Surgeon

Picking A Good Carpal Tunnel Surgeon

Carpal tunnel syndrome can lead to life-long consequences when left untreated. Have you explored home remedies and seen no result? Have you and your doctor explored various conservative treatments to no avail? If so, it may be time for you to consult a carpal tunnel surgeon.

A Brief Background On Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Your daily activities will always involve using your hands, from getting dressed to performing your job. Your hands consist of complex bones, nerves, and tendons to ensure mobility. It should be no surprise that several orthopedic conditions can affect them, carpal tunnel syndrome being one.

Carpal tunnel syndrome develops when the median nerve that runs through the wrist becomes inflamed, leading to pain, weakness, and mobility issues in the hand. There are many causes of carpal tunnel syndrome, some of which are hand overuse, pregnancy, thyroid dysfunction, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis.

There are various modes of conservative, non-surgical treatment for this condition. Some of these include splinting, medications, and injections. However, there’s a chance that the eon from personal experience.

2. Check With Your Primary Care Doctor For Referrals

You can also get recommendations from your primary care doctor. After all, it’s highly likely that they know a carpal tunnel surgeon from their medical network. You can get professional insights regarding credentials and experience through your primary care doctor.

3. Check The Surgeon’s Credentials

You want to pick a carpal tunnel surgeon who is board-certified. This certification means they have the proper medical knowledge and training for your condition. You may also want to choose someone who has fellowship training in hand surgery. A fellowship-trained doctor has significant training and experience dealing with hand conditions, like carpal tunnel syndrome.

In addition, don’t forget to check whether a surgeon has a history of disciplinary actions or malpractice.

4. Don’t Hesitate To Ask About The Surgeon’s Experience

In the field of medicine, experience is extremely valuable. You shouldn’t be afraid to ask how much experience a surgeon has under their belt. After all, the more experience a surgeon has, the better you can expect your outcome to be.

During your consultation, ask how many patients the surgeon has treated with the same issue. You may also confirm how many carpal tunnel surgeries they have performed. In addition, ask about success rates and complications they have encountered, if any.

5. Review The Carpal Tunnel Surgeon’s Practice

Don’t forget to check the surgeon’s practice or clinic for staff politeness, a welcoming environment, and cleanliness. You should also consider the quality of care provided, since you may need to visit the clinic multiple times. Additionally, a clinic’s location may be a significant consideration for your convenience.

6. Make An Appointment With The Carpal Tunnel Surgeon

When you’ve made a list of potential surgeons, it’s time to meet them to get a feel of their personality and experience. You can assess each surgeon’s communication style and demeanor by making an appointment. A good surgeon will have an equally welcoming staff.

Make sure you prepare questions for your potential surgeons. It’s a standard practice to interview them to know their experience, recommendations, and treatment approaches. Do you feel like the surgeon respects your opinions? Do they explain answers in terms that you can understand? Through this appointment, you can get a good feel of whether or not you’re comfortable with them. These consultations will help you narrow down your list of potential surgeons and help you choose the very best one.

7. Check Your Insurance Coverage

Lastly, don’t forget to review your insurance coverage. For practical reasons, it’s a good decision to pick a carpal tunnel surgeon covered by your insurance. That way, you receive great benefits and pay a minimal amount out-of-pocket.

Trusted Carpal Tunnel Surgeons In Clinton Township, MI

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Schedule your appointment today by calling us at (586) 436-3785, or use our easy appointment request form.non-surgical approach won’t work for you, especially if the condition is severe. As a general practice, surgery is always the last resort for treatment.

The Importance Of A Good Carpal Tunnel Surgeon

While carpal tunnel surgery has a success rate of over 90%, knowing you’re in the hands of an expert will take the weight of fear off your shoulders and ensure you have a safe and effective procedure.

Here are seven tips to help you pick a good carpal tunnel surgeon:

1. Seek Recommendations From Family And Friends

You can ask around your family and friends to get started. Make a list of their recommended doctors and clinics, because chances are, they know a good surg

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