How to Prepare for a Hip Surgery

How to Prepare for a Hip Surgery

Having hip surgery warrants personal preparation in order to achieve the best outcome. Because you will not be able to walk around your home as usual while you recuperate, and because you will want to facilitate fast healing of your hip, there are certain things you will want to do beforehand.

Let’s talk about how to prepare for hip surgery, and where you can go in Clinton Township for outstanding orthopedic care.

Preparing for Hip Replacement Surgery

The following tips will be very helpful in preparing for hip surgery:

Stretch and Strengthen Your Leg Muscles

Before hip surgery, you will likely be given exercise tips and routines to stretch and strengthen the muscles surrounding your hip. This will help for your speedy recovery.

Have Heat and Cold Therapies Ready

Post-surgery pain is inevitable as you heal, especially after a procedure such as hip surgery. Have an ice pack and heat therapy ready for when your physical therapist tells you to use them for pain relief. Always remember to wrap cold packs in a towel. Limit cold therapy to 15 or 20 minutes at a time in order to avoid skin damage.

Install Grab Bars and Railings

After hip surgery, it will take a while before you can easily walk around again. Install removable grab bars in the bathroom around the toilet and in the shower, and also install wall railings on stairwells to help prevent falls when roaming around. Also, place a shower chair in the shower and a raised toilet seat on the toilet for extra safety and prevention of falls.

Get Rid of Excess Weight

If you are overweight, your orthopedic surgeon may recommend that you lose a few pounds before having hip replacement surgery. Ask the doctor for the best ways to achieve that goal.

Quit Smoking

Smoking introduces nicotine into the body, affecting blood circulation and causing complications. Your orthopedic surgeons and primary care providers will advise you to cease smoking before the surgery. They may also give guidance on how to quit smoking or direct you to experts who might help.

Take Prescribed Medications and Supplements

Prescription medications and supplements as directed by your surgeon will help you easily prepare and recover from the surgery as necessary. Iron vitamins may be prescribed to help prevent postsurgical anemia or low blood cell counts. It is in your best interest to follow your surgeon’s recommendations to avoid future complications.

Reliable Hip Surgery in Clinton Township, MI

Having hip replacement surgery involves many considerations and preparations. Learning the basics on how to prepare for hip surgery is a step towards the best outcome.

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