How to Choose a Hip Surgeon

How to Choose a Hip Surgeon

Plagued by hip pain? If it has come to a point where all the conservative treatments you have tried no longer provide you with satisfactory relief, it is in your best interest to consult an orthopedic surgeon specializing in hip surgery as you probably need one.

While there’s no doubt that seeing a hip surgeon is an important decision, it can seem like a double-edged sword. It can give you hope knowing that there’s finally someone who can help you break free from hip pain, but having to look for a reliable provider can also be challenging, especially given the thousands of practicing hip surgeons out there.

Here are a few, simple tips to help smooth out the process of choosing the best hip surgeon for your care:

Tip #1 Gather Recommendations from the People You Know.

Ask your primary care doctor for a list of in-network referrals and ask why those people stand out. Your family members, friends, and colleagues may also be excellent sources. They may know of hip surgeons whose skills, experience, and professionalism they can vouch for.

Tip #2 Do a Background Check.

Once you’ve come up with a list, proceed with doing some detective work. One of the most important things you should find out is whether the surgeon is board certified and fellowship trained. These are indicators that the doctor has the training, skills, and qualification necessary to provide effective care. These also give you assurance that the surgeon pursues continuing education to keep themself abreast of the latest advances in the field.

The website of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) is a great resource for board-certified, fellowship-trained hip surgeons. It allows you to search for providers according to your location and the specialty.

You also need to make sure that your potential candidates have no history of malpractice claims. Use and state websites to dig into the surgeon’s malpractice/disciplinary history.

Tip #3 Read Reviews.

Find out about the online reputation of a hip surgeon by reading patient testimonials. These can give you an insight into patients’ experience with scheduling appointments, the doctor’s skills and bedside manner, office environment and wait times, and staff friendliness, among other important things.

Tip #4 Schedule a Consultation.

The best way to ascertain the efficiency, professionalism, and bedside manner of a hip surgeon is to simply get a first-hand experience— schedule an appointment with them.

The right hip surgeon is not only someone who has demonstrated their competence but also one with whom you are comfortable talking to and who eagerly provides you with everything you need to know.

During your first appointment with your hip surgeon, pay attention to how they respond to your questions and whether they care to thoroughly explain your diagnosis and treatment options to you in words you perfectly understand. If you feel that you’re being rushed, dismissed, or ignored, this may be a sign that you should cross them off your list.

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