Misconceptions Regarding Physical Therapy

Misconceptions Regarding Physical Therapy

Despite the life-changing benefits of physical therapy, there are still some enduring misconceptions surrounding the discipline. These likely come from people who have never undergone it or are unaware of what it involves.

Here, we’ll discuss some common misconceptions regarding physical therapy and dispel them with hard facts.

Misconception #1 Physical Therapy Is Painful.

While many people seek out a physical therapist for preexisting pain, physical therapy in itself is not painful.

Throughout your program, your physical therapist will monitor you closely to make sure the exercises and stretches you perform do not exacerbate your symptoms or cause new pain. Your physical therapist will also show you ways to improve your posture and body mechanics at home to help minimize your pain. Over time, you should notice a significant improvement in not only your symptoms but also your mobility and overall function.

Misconception #2 Physical Therapy Is Only for Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries.

While it’s common for people who suffered car accident injuries to undergo physical therapy, anyone suffering from a wide variety of musculoskeletal problems—such as arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, and herniated disc— can see a physical therapist. Even without an injury, you can work with a physical therapist, who can teach you strategies and proper movement patterns to help minimize your risk for injuries.

Misconception #3 Surgery Is My Only Option.

Many people who are living with chronic pain and have not tried physical therapy think surgery is their only recourse.

Physical therapists use a combination of exercises and therapeutic modalities to help patients effectively restore their prior level of function, thereby delaying or even avoiding the need for surgery altogether.

Misconception #4 Physical Therapy Can Fix My Injury Right Away.

It can take a while to start feeling better after you begin your treatment plan. It is important to take note that the speed and success of your recovery greatly hinge on your commitment and adherence to your program.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that even if you have started feeling better, it doesn’t mean your injury is already fully healed. Returning to your usual routine, job, or sport prematurely may only prolong your recovery, so wait till your PT gives you a go-ahead. They will do a thorough assessment of your condition to ascertain that you’re fully capable of safely carrying out your usual tasks.

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