Is sports medicine just for athletes?

Is sports medicine just for athletes

When you hear “sports medicine,” you may dismiss it as a service that’s provided to athletes. While it is true that sports medicine benefits athletes, you do not have to be one to reap its benefits.

Sports medicine is a branch of medicine that focuses on treatments that help people with a physically active lifestyle recover from injuries faster and return to their activity safely and in peak physical condition. It was initially formed to help prevent and treat athletic injuries in athletes. Today, sports medicine doctors also provide specialized care to non-athletes, such as weekend warriors and those who are just starting to become physically active.

Let’s explore sports medicine further and discuss how it can help non-athletes, as well.

How Sports Medicine Helps Non-Athletes

Try as you might, physical activities carry with them a risk of injury. Sports medicine services include injury prevention and treatment. If you have an injury and want to treat it and prevent a recurrence, it is definitely worth it to seek a specialist for treatment. A sports medicine doctor can reduce your time away from sports, exercise, and other physical activities. Muscle strains, ankle sprains, fractures, dislocations, and a torn ACL or rotator cuff do not affect athletes only. These can happen from normal exercise, daily activities (like moving heavy items around the house), and new activities that you try (such as hiking with the family). The best cure is always prevention, and it is better for musculoskeletal health to minimize injury risk as much as possible.

In addition to sports injury prevention and treatment, sports medicine doctors also provide services that maximize function and enhance performance. Proper form, technique, flexibility, strength, and endurance are important when engaging in any physical activity. A sports medicine doctor can advise you on how to perform and improve upon your ability and performance by addressing faulty training methods and recommending a good conditioning program. They can also counsel you on nutrition and lifestyle, which can influence performance and injury risk. The dietary needs of someone who is physically active differ from that of a sedentary person.

Sports medicine doctors can treat people of all ages, no matter what their fitness level may be. They can help you return to activities that once brought you joy at a pace you are comfortable with. If you are ready to return to a physically active lifestyle, seek out the services of a sports medicine doctor.

Sports Medicine in Clinton Township, MI

Movement Orthopedics offers a superior sports medicine program for athletes and non-athletes. Our sports medicine doctor, Dr. Jeffrey Carroll, is exceptionally skilled at preventing and treating injuries quickly and efficiently, and with a compassionate touch. Let us know what activity you would like to participate in, and we will design a personalized program that will help you enjoy it while minimizing injury risk. We are proud to offer a golf swing program, developed by the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), which helps enhance performance in golf.

To make an appointment at Movement Orthopedics, call us today at (586) 488-2440 or use our appointment request form. We look forward to helping you become physically active again!

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