10 Worst Bone Fractures Ever

10 Worst Bone Fractures Ever
A fracture is a break in a bone. It is a result of the bone unable to withstand the force that was put upon it. It could be due to an accident or traumatic blow to the body part. Any fracture can cause pain and a restricted range of motion. Fortunately, the orthopedic experts at Movement Orthopedics can treat you if you suffer a fracture. Not all fractures are created equal. Here are 10 of the worst bone fractures you could get.

1. Femur

The femur is the only bone in the thigh and is the longest and strongest of all bones in the body. A femur fracture that’s not due to a traumatic incident may indicate osteoporosis or bone cancer. If it breaks, it can be potentially life-threatening. A break in the femur bone can lead to severe bleeding and complications, including blood clot formation in the thigh veins.

2. Spine

The spinal column protects the spinal cord. Should a vertebral fracture occur, it can compress the nerves that are found throughout the spine. Depending on the location of the fracture, a spine fracture can affect motor and sensory function. Compression fractures can lead to severe pain and loss of height and disability. Nerve damage can lead to problems with bladder and bowel control.

3. Skull

The skull protects the brain, which makes skull fractures very risky, as the underlying structures may be affected. Patients with head injuries can develop intracranial lesions. Mild breaks may cause minimal trouble, but severe skull fractures can lead to infection, brain damage, cerebrospinal fluid leak, hematoma, and seizures.

4. Wrist

The wrist consists of 13 bones. A break in one of the bones can affect hand function. It is a bad fracture to have because the hands are widely used every day. If poorly treated, wrist fractures can lead to long-term consequences, such as early osteoarthritis, nerve damage, and decreased grip strength and range of motion.

5. Hip

Hip fractures are the worst for the elderly. The broken hip bone may need to be replaced, which requires major surgery. Also, recovery is long. The long period of inactivity can lead to blood clots, muscle weakness, and other post-surgical complications. For elderly patients who have bone disease, hip fractures are potentially life-threatening.

6. Rib

Fractured ribs can be very painful and even more dangerous when the bones fracture into several pieces. The ribs hold the lung and heart in. A severe fracture can damage major blood vessels and also the lungs.

7. Ankle

The ankle provides stability. A fractured ankle bone needs to be immobilized or else it could lead to twisting and rolling. However, more than the period of immobility it requires, a fractured ankle can cause damage to the surrounding ligaments and blood vessels, which can actually tear them. Improper treatment and recovery can lead to long-term consequences such as osteoarthritis.

8. Pelvis

A fracture in the pelvis can be life-threatening, just like hip fractures. The pelvis connects the spine to the hips. The kidneys, intestines, bladder, and genitals are within the pelvic ring. Broken bones can cause injury to these organs. There are many complications, including very severe ones, that can arise from pelvic fractures. Shock, internal bleeding, and organ damage can occur.

9. Tailbone

A tailbone fracture can make life difficult, and there is no way to hold the fractured tailbone in place. Sitting down can be painful and having a bowel movement can become difficult. Sexual function can also be affected. Swelling and bruising can also occur.

10. Elbow

A broken elbow is very painful. It can make it impossible to straighten the arm. You may even lose feeling in the hand. If the elbow is broken into several pieces, it can be difficult to hold the bones in place, which means the injury will likely heal slowly. By the time it heals, stiffness may set in, and restoring normal range of motion can take a while. Permanent damage can occur with improper treatment and poor healing.

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