Risks Of Delaying Joint Replacement Surgery

Risks Of Delaying Joint Replacement Surgery

It is human nature to be afraid of painful situations, more so when they involve health illnesses. Because of this fear, people tend to shrug off the pain to a point when the condition becomes serious. This mentality is common when there is a health problem involving surgery.

Most people fear surgery because it is a painful, time-consuming, and expensive process. However, avoiding surgery not only worsens the effects of any disease on your body but can also result in difficulties in many aspects of your life.

If you have mobility issues, you might need joint surgery. However, you might choose to delay it, because you can still bear the pain, cannot afford it, or are afraid recovery will take too long. Delaying joint replacement surgery incurs the following risks:

Deterioration Of The Joint

Prolonging joint replacement will wear down the joint. For example, when you leave osteoarthritis unattended, the joint will deteriorate and function badly. When you don’t do anything about a pre-existing condition, the chances of complications get higher.

The joint problem will cause deformity, for which you will need a hard-to-find specialized implant. By then, the joint surgery will take up much more of your time, because the specialized implants should be delicately placed.

Joint Stiffness

The joint deterioration, caused by not having a joint replacement done when it was necessary, will result in less productivity. Because of the decrease in the body’s movement, the joint muscle, ligaments, and capsule might contract, which causes joint stiffness.

This problem is often associated with a knee replacement. The possibility of motion after joint surgery will depend on the mobility of the patient before the procedure.

Compensatory Problems

Compensatory problems are when the person relies on the other body parts to relieve pain or aching they may feel in the joint. This action might result in more complications outside of the joint, such as back pains, pain in the non-osteoarthritic knee, or even shoulder pain.

General Health Problems

Avoiding joint surgery will worsen your level of disability and lead to a sedentary lifestyle due to the difficulties involved in moving. You might consequently always sit down and not exercise, leading to weight gain that might cause cardiac and pulmonary conditions. Mobility issues have domino effects on general health.

Joint Replacement Surgery Professional In Clinton Township, MI

It is perfectly valid to be afraid of surgery, but it must not stop you from having yourself checked. Responsibilities and other activities are not excuses to disregard any kind of pain or stress you are feeling.

Once you encounter a joint problem, you must get checked immediately. Not taking care of your joints will gravely affect your whole body. You might even be rendered completely immobile, unable to live your best life.

Regular check-ups can make you aware of the risks, so you can ask for professional help when needed. To have a quality check-up and treatment for your joint problem, visit Movement Orthopedics. Our medical providers are experts in advanced diagnostics, prevention, and treatment of orthopedic and sports-related issues. We ensure you will experience the best service possible.

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