Tips for getting the best results from orthopedic physical therapy

Tips for getting the best results from orthopedic physical therapy

Physical therapy aims to restore strength and improve flexibility in patients who are recovering from injury or surgery or are suffering from chronic pain. Physical therapists work with patients to achieve their specific goals. The success of physical therapy depends partly on how much you are willing to put into it and requires your active participation.

If you want to improve your orthopedic function, return to your normal activities, and feel better, here are a few tips that can help you get the most out of physical therapy.

Communicate and Ask Questions

Communication is key to getting the best results out of physical therapy. Describe your symptoms in detail and let your physical therapist know what exacerbates them and what brings you relief. If you’re coming in after surgery, let your physical therapist know what led to you needing surgery. Always let your physical therapist know the smallest, seemingly insignificant details about your orthopedic condition, which may lead to a breakthrough — and do not hesitate to ask questions.

Set Goals

Everyone undergoing physical therapy should have goals and keep track of their progress. Physical therapists help with this to determine if their patients are making progress. Having a goal will motivate you to not skip physical therapy sessions.

Don’t Skip Sessions

Patients recovering from surgery may need more visits scheduled than those coming in for acute or chronic pain. Physical therapy sessions at a facility are excellent for making progress. There are no distractions, and there is ample space to do your exercises. Many people do not have a dedicated space for exercise at home. Physical therapists are also there for guidance. Once patients start feeling better, they sometimes assume they no longer need to attend appointments. However, it’s not over until the treatment has concluded and the physical therapist gives you clearance.

Don’t Rush Your Recovery

It’s also tempting to overdo exercises or return quickly to activities once pain subsides. Be very careful because this could lead to injury, and you’ll back to square one. For any new exercise, activity, or increase in intensity, always check first with your physical therapist.

Dress Appropriately

What you wear can affect your ability to perform exercises and limit the physical therapist’s ability to evaluate and treat you. The affected body part should be accessible, so if you’re coming in for upper extremity treatment, wear a tank top. If you’re coming in for a knee problem, wear shorts. Check with your physical therapist for advice on what to wear during sessions.

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