Hip Replacement Surgery Post-Op Instructions

Hip Replacement Surgery Post Op Instructions

IIf you have hip arthritis, you may be greatly limited in your ability to walk normally, to bend over, or even to bear weight on the leg with the hurting hip. As a result, you may need to have hip replacement surgery to relieve your pain and regain your mobility.

Let’s talk about what you can expect during the recovery phase after having hip replacement surgery, and where you can go for outstanding orthopedic treatment.

First Few Days After Hip Surgery

Some people can leave the hospital on the same day as their surgery if they had a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure. However, most patients who have hip replacement surgery need to spend one or two days in the hospital for monitoring.

During this initial time, you’ll be encouraged to get up as much as possible in order to prevent developing a blood clot, and to optimize your recovery. You’ll also likely receive a blood thinner to help prevent a blood clot.

Physical Therapy

Soon after your surgery, your physical therapist will show you how to move carefully so that you do not inadvertently undo anything that was repaired in the operation. The physical therapist will also teach you exercises and stretches that will help you to regain function and increase your range of motion in your hip.

Using a Walking Device

You will receive a walking device, like a cane or a walker, to help prevent falls as you’re adjusting to walking and moving around with your new hip. The device will help you feel more steady on your feet as you put more and more weight on your hip as you go through rehabilitation.

Resuming Activities

Your surgeon will let you know when you can return to work and other activities. You may not be able to drive in the first month or so after your procedure if you had the surgery on your right hip; if the surgery was performed on your left hip, you may be able to drive within a couple of weeks after your surgery. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to drive when taking certain pain medications.

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