Best Sleeping Positions for Back Pain Relief

Best Sleeping Positions for Back Pain Relief

If you have a strenuous job that you perform 8 hours a day and end up suffering from back pain, you will most likely analyze your duties to see if your back pain was caused by your job. After all, 8 hours of doing something can definitely have an impact on your body. So, what about the task you do for 8 hours every night? Sleeping!

Many people forget that their sleeping position has a huge impact on their well-being. Poor sleeping positions are responsible for back pain for many people. Fortunately, fixing your sleeping position is easy and can bring you much needed back pain relief quickly.

Here are some tips on how to fix your sleeping position for back pain relief.

Sleeping in Fetal Position

The fetal sleeping position involves your back curving, head bowing, and limbs bending toward your torso while you lay on your side.

In terms of back pain, this position is especially beneficial if you have a disc herniation – an issue that occurs when you have a tear in a spinal disc and the contents of it begin to leak and irritate surrounding nerves and soft tissue. When you sleep in this position, you open up space in between your vertebrae to relieve pressure on the injured disc. Make sure you switch sides throughout the night to prevent an imbalance.

Sleeping on Your Stomach with a Pillow

Sleeping on your stomach may increase your back pain because you place added strain on your spine and back, since a majority of your weight is in between your head and hips.

You don’t have to find a new sleep position if you prefer sleeping on your stomach, though. You can make sleeping on your stomach a pain-free position by placing a pillow under your stomach to help your spine remain in a neutral position.

Sleeping in a Reclined Position

While you don’t want to sleep in your recliner, you may want to sleep in a reclining position on your bed to ease your back pain and discomfort.

Since you naturally can’t remain in this position as you sleep, you may want to invest in an adjustable bed that can keep the upper portion of your body slightly elevated, which relieves pressure on your spine.

Sleeping on Your Back with a Pillow

If you want to sleep on your back in a position that relieves back pain but don’t want to invest in an adjustable bed, you may still enjoy sleeping on your back.

For this position, lay completely flat on your back. Then, position a pillow under your knees. In this position, you keep your spine neutral, so it has a slight curve. Moreover, you distribute your weight more evenly. You may benefit even further if you put a rolled-up towel beneath the lower portion of your back.

Back Pain Diagnosis and Treatment in Clinton Township, MI

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