Preparing for Joint Reconstruction Surgery

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In joint reconstruction surgery, surgeons restructure the joint by removing the damaged cartilage and bone. They will replace the joint with prosthetic materials so that the new joint will work almost exactly like your original, healthy joint used to work.

Each type of joint reconstruction surgery has its own set of considerations, depending on which joint is being repaired and how extensive the damage is. It is a good idea to make preparations before having joint reconstruction surgery in order to maximize the ultimate success of the procedure.

How Do I Prepare for Joint Surgery?

Some of the key preparations to consider include the following:

Understand the Procedure

You will have opportunities to talk to your surgeon during the preparatory phase. Maximize these sessions by writing down all of your questions beforehand. Write them down as you think of them – don’t assume you’ll remember them later.

For instance, you may want to ask about how the joint reconstructive surgery will benefit you, or how it is different from the other types of surgery. Don’t be shy to raise questions that seem obvious, since you’ll never know if that piece of information will significantly impact your plans. Your physician should answer all of your questions as you prepare for the operation.

Make Lifestyle Changes Before the Surgery

Your successful recovery after the surgery will depend on your body’s ability to fully heal. Hence, being as healthy as you can help improve the results of your operation.

It is a good idea to increase your physical activity in order to strengthen your muscles and to increase your cardiovascular health. You do not need to perform a full workout, just incorporate more movement into your daily routine. For example, take longer walks (even around the house), do more household chores, and sit less. You can also make healthy dietary modifications.

Plan with Loved Ones

Before the surgery, discuss preparations with your friends and loved ones. You will need intensive assistance during the first few days after the operation, including someone to drive you to the surgery center and to drive you home after you’re released. Many hospitals do not allow strangers (such as Uber or Lyft drivers or Taxis) to drive patients home, for safety and security reasons.

You will also need to rely on someone to help you with meals and with moving around your home. For this reason, it also helps to make modifications to your home beforehand. You may find activities such as climbing stairs more difficult (or your surgeon may tell you that you cannot use stairs for the first number of days or weeks), so it is important to plan on easy and convenient navigation, eating, and sleeping as you recuperate.

Joint Reconstruction Surgery in Macomb County

Adequate preparations should help you get the best results from your joint reconstruction surgery. A crucial part of having successful surgery is to choose a healthcare provider who uses innovative techniques and a compassionate, individualized approach for each patient.

Located in Clinton Township, Michigan, Movement Orthopedics combines cutting-edge methods with conservative approaches to restore mobility and eliminate musculoskeletal pain. Our own Dr. Jeffrey Carroll is an expert in the field of joint replacement, and he also provides pain-relief treatments for everything from arthritis to sports injuries.

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