Injury-related causes of joint pain

Injury related causes of joint pain

Joint pain is defined as pain within and in the surrounding areas of where two bones meet (such as the shoulder, elbow, wrist, spine, hip, and knee). While arthritis is a well-known cause of joint pain, injuries caused by accidents or sports are also common reasons for it. Patients who sustain an injury caused by an accident may experience joint pain caused by many different issues.

Why Certain Injuries Cause Joint Pain

The two most common types of injury-related causes of joint pain are sprains and strains. Both are injuries that cause inflammation in soft tissues, including those that surround joints.

A sprain is an injury that is characterized by an overstretching or tearing of a ligament. A ligament is a soft tissue that connects bones to each other, so that they meet at a joint. As such, when a ligament is injured, it can cause pain in a nearby joint. For example, an ankle sprain can cause damage to the ankle joint and surrounding tissues. This is particularly true in patients with chronic ankle injuries. There is also a risk of an ankle sprain not healing correctly, which can cause instability to the ankle, and result in future sprains and other injuries.

A strain is a type of muscle injury that is caused by a stretching or tearing of muscles. Muscles also connect to bones through ligaments. When a muscle gets injured in an accident, the pain can travel to nearby structures and joints. Examples include hamstring strains, rotator cuff tears, and Achilles ruptures.

Injury-Related Arthritis

When younger people have arthritis, it’s usually a result of chronic injuries. There is a condition called post-traumatic arthritis, where an injury causes damage to joint and supporting tissue, usually in the hip, knee, or ankle. Chronic injuries can accelerate the degeneration of soft tissues, including cartilage, which lines joints. A wearing down of cartilage is one of the hallmark signs of osteoarthritis. Post-traumatic arthritis causes joint pain, swelling, and stiffness.

The Importance of Injury Rehabilitation and Proper Healing

The proper treatment of sports injuries can help reduce damage incurred to joints and soft tissues. While many are tempted to self-treat at home, there is a higher risk of injuries not healing properly and becoming chronic problems without an experienced orthopedic specialist’s evaluation and prescribed treatment. Injury rehabilitation is critical and helps injuries heal properly. It also helps strengthen soft tissues, so they become stronger, more flexible, and less likely to overstretch or tear.

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