When to Visit an Orthopedic Clinic

When to Visit an Orthopedic Clinic

An orthopedic healthcare center is staffed by various medical specialists who work together to treat your orthopedic issues and relieve your symptoms. An orthopedic doctor, physical therapist, and physician assistants are just a few of the healthcare providers you’ll find in an orthopedic clinic.

Orthopedics is the study and practice of treating musculoskeletal issues – in other words, muscles + skeleton – which includes the bones, muscles, joints, and sports-related injuries of all kinds. This means that acute and chronic injuries, chronic bone and joint diseases, and musculoskeletal pain are all best entrusted to the hands of an orthopedic clinic’s skilled medical staff.

Reasons to Go to an Orthopedic Clinic

When you have a musculoskeletal injury, pain, or lack of function, an orthopedic doctor is your best bet in having it diagnosed and treated quickly and properly – and not wasting time with unnecessary scans that may otherwise be ordered by a non-specialist. Some of the main reasons why people go to orthopedic clinics include the following:


As a leading cause of disability, arthritis requires proper management of the inflammation in order to prevent it from progressing into a disabling problem. An orthopedic doctor can create a personalized treatment plan for your arthritis that can help to relieve the pain and stiffness while also tamping down the progression of the disease.

If arthritis is causing significant damage to a joint, an orthopedic surgeon can perform joint reconstruction or joint replacement surgery. This type of operation can often be performed on an outpatient basis, so talk to your orthopedist about your options.


There are many ways in which a bone can break, and minor fractures can be treated at an orthopedic clinic. However, severe fractures should be treated at an emergency room, such as if the bone was crushed or if the bone is piercing through the skin.

Orthopedic clinics offer convenient on-site imaging, such as X-rays. The doctor will ensure that the bone is properly aligned and supported for optimal healing, and this support is usually given by applying a cast.

Sports Injuries

Many orthopedic doctors receive special training in sports medicine, which qualifies them to treat patients who have acute or chronic injuries resulting from physical activity. These physicians are also well-versed in sports training, injury prevention, nutrition, and performance enhancement, which is why sports teams often have their own designated sports medicine doctors traveling with the athletes – to help them perform at the highest possible level.

Orthopedic Clinic in Clinton Township, MI

If you are experiencing pain or other symptoms from an injury or a chronic musculoskeletal condition, our orthopedic specialists at Movement Orthopedics are here to diagnose and treat a wide range of orthopedic issues. We also offer Orthopedic Urgent Care to patients who have new sports injuries or musculoskeletal pain. There is no need to make an appointment, simply walk in.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment with one of our orthopedic physicians, call the friendly staff at Movement Orthopedics today at (586) 436-3785 or fill out our appointment request form now. We look forward to helping you get back to your active lifestyle!

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