Risks of delaying knee surgery

Risks of delaying knee surgery

If you have a damaged knee joint and are still holding off on surgery, you are not alone. A lot of people try to avoid surgery for as long as possible. While surgery is a last-resort option and should be considered only when conservative treatments no longer work, it’s also not a good idea to avoid surgery when it does become necessary.

Whether it’s due to fear of undergoing surgery or believing the procedure won’t correct the problem, it’s best to discuss your apprehensions with a surgeon. An experienced surgeon can educate you on what to expect and alleviate any concerns you may have.

If that isn’t enough, you should know that delaying knee surgery can have its own risks. Here are some risks you should be aware of.

Your Knee’s Supporting Structures Can Take the Toll

If you have a bad knee joint that needs to be replaced, chances are other parts of your knee are taking a toll. The muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones in and around the knee are likely taking on the pressure and weight that the knee isn’t able to handle. As a result, delaying surgery can cause prolonged pressure on the other structures, which means you could face unnecessary long term issues.

Your Other Joints Will Suffer

A deteriorated knee can cause issues in a lot more parts of your body than just the knee itself. Oftentimes, a painful knee can cause you to adjust the way you stand or walk. As a result, the pressure of your weight has to be altered, which means your other leg, hips, back, and even neck can be affected.

Your Activity Level Will Continue to Deteriorate

If you are living with knee pain due to a damaged joint, being active can be a difficult task. Simple tasks like going for a jog, playing ball with your child or grandchild, or spending a day outdoors with friends can become increasingly difficult. Avoiding surgery is not going to help the situation. Simply ignoring the problem will not solve it. In fact, your symptoms are very likely to get worse with time. You may end up finding it difficult to clean your house, cook for yourself, and even travel to and from work. Before the knee gets damaged to this point, it’s best to get the deteriorated knee fixed.

Surgery Needs May Become More Extensive

Surgery may become more extensive if you wait it out too long. If a deteriorated knee joint is not fixed at the right time, you will likely need a more extensive procedure. The more damage you have in your knee, the more complicated and extensive the procedure to fix the issues will be. As a result, you may have a lot more surgical trauma and need a longer time to recover from the procedure.

Cutting-Edge Robotic Knee Surgery in Clinton Township

At Movement Orthopedics, we use the most advanced technology for knee surgery. Our orthopedic team is proud to offer robotic knee surgery, which is the state-of-the-art system for total and partial knee replacement procedures.

Headed by board-certified orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Carroll, we work towards our goal of restoring your knee’s function and range of motion so you can return to normal activities. To schedule a consultation with us, call Movement Orthopedics at (586) 436-3785 or request an appointment today.

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