Benefits of Arthroscopic Surgery

benefits of arthroscopic surgery

When thinking of surgery, many people imagine the horror of being on an operating table and unconscious as a team of surgeons and nurses work on them. In traditional open surgery, the surgeon makes a large incision to access your inner organs and soft tissues.

Today, many surgeries can be performed in a minimally invasive manner, with the orthopedic surgeon making incisions about the size of a buttonhole. One of these types of minimally invasive surgeries is arthroscopic surgery, which is usually an outpatient procedure. How is this possible?

Thanks to advances in surgical techniques, arthroscopy is performed using a thin tube with a tiny fiber-optic camera function at the end, and miniature surgical tools. This is why arthroscopic surgery requires such small incisions, because the smaller instruments do not require as much cutting as in traditional open surgery.

Let’s talk about some of the main benefits of arthroscopic surgery and how it might be an option to treat your joint problem.

Diagnosis and Treatment in a Single Procedure

Arthroscopic surgery is not just used for purposes of treatment. It is also a diagnostic tool. The arthroscope allows the doctor to see live pictures of your body’s internal structures on a screen there in the operating room, as the high-definition images are beamed onto a monitor.

Arthroscopy is most often used to diagnose and treat orthopedic conditions affecting the knee, shoulder, elbow, ankle, hip, and wrist. The surgeon can perform repairs to damaged ligaments, cartilage, and bone.

Less-Invasive Surgery

Because there is less tissue that is cut during arthroscopy as compared to traditional surgery, there is less bleeding during surgery, less scarring, less tissue that must heal, and a shorter recovery time. There are also fewer complications, such as infection, because exposure was minimal during the operation.

Reduced Postoperative Pain

Since the surgeon is able to see what’s inside your body real-time and in high definition, the doctor can minimize damage to healthy nearby structures like the muscles and tendons. Postoperative pain is therefore greatly reduced and more manageable than with traditional open surgery, especially soon after starting physical therapy exercises.

Arthroscopic Surgeon in Greater Detroit

If you have chronic joint pain due to arthritis or an injury, see an orthopedic surgeon who can perform minimally invasive surgery such as arthroscopy. An orthopedist can assess your injury or pain and determine the best course of treatment for you, based on your overall health and the precise cause of the pain.

Our board-certified surgeon here at Movement Orthopedics, Dr. Jeffrey Carroll, has years of experience and expertise in arthroscopic surgery, and our medical team’s goal is to help get you back to your normal activities without pain and disability.

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