Benefits of Joint Replacement Surgery

Benefits of Joint Replacement Surgery

If conservative treatments have failed to restore your joint’s functionality or to eliminate debilitating pain – such as if you’ve tried steroid injections – your orthopedist may recommend arthroplasty. This is more commonly called joint replacement surgery or joint reconstruction surgery.

Joint replacement surgery is used to treat arthritis, trauma, overuse injuries, and connective tissue disorders in a joint. During this operation, your damaged joint is replaced with an artificial joint using medical-grade prosthetic materials, and your new joint should work just about as well as your original joint used to work.

Why Should I Have Joint Replacement Surgery?

Some of the benefits of undergoing this procedure include the following:

New Technology and Techniques in Orthopedic Surgery

Not so long ago, surgeons had to make long incisions in the skin in order to perform joint replacements. Today, surgeons usually need to make very small incisions to perform even complex reconstruction procedures, thanks to smaller instruments and robotic technology.

Thanks to these and other new techniques and technologies, the benefits of joint replacement surgery far outweigh the risks involved in invasive surgical procedures.

Either Full or Partial Joint Replacement

Even though your pain might radiate throughout the entire joint, your orthopedist may determine after a thorough examination that the actual damage is limited to one compartment or a small area of the joint. Based on the extent of the damage, your orthopedic surgeon may recommend either a full or partial joint replacement – the full replacement being reserved for those who have more extensive damage due to arthritis or natural deterioration.

Less Need for Pain Medications

Managing chronic joint pain, such as that caused by arthritis, is a prime reason doctors prescribe pain medication. However, since joint replacement surgery is a nearly foolproof way to eradicate or greatly lessen joint pain, it nearly eliminates the need for pain medication and the myriad side effects that accompany them.

Minimally Invasive Surgery for Smaller Scars and Less Blood Loss

Because most incisions during minimally invasive joint replacement surgery are small – often less than one inch long – there is less scarring and less blood loss than there was with traditional open surgery. There is also a reduced risk of developing an infection during or after the operation, because less tissue is cut by the surgeon to perform the procedure.

High Success Rates

Joint replacement surgery garners up to a 95% success rate, with many positive outcomes lasting 15 years or longer. That means getting back to pain-free, full-range mobility.

Joint Replacement Surgeons in Greater Detroit

Wear-and-tear of a joint due to the natural aging process or overuse due to sports can cause chronic joint pain – and the pain can become so severe that it is disabling. As more and more protective cartilage wears away, cushioning is lost between the bones, and bone-on-bone scraping is the result. Arthroplasty – joint replacement surgery – restores the integrity of the joint while improving mobility and function.

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