Why Orthopedic Urgent Care Is Important

Why Orthopedic Urgent Care Is Important

Injuries affecting the muscles, bones, and joints can have an immense effect on a person’s way of life, whether the injury is due to an accident, sports, or age-related degeneration.

A considerable number of emergency room (ER) visits actually occur due to injuries affecting the bones and muscles. This is why having access to an orthopedic urgent care clinic is critical to fast treatment and healing – such as if you have a sprained ankle, fractured bone, or severe muscle strain.

Benefits of an Orthopedic Urgent Care Center

Below are some of the main reasons why orthopedic urgent care clinics are so useful to patients across the United States:

Fracture Treatment

Millions of people experience a broken bone in the United States every year. It is the most common type of bone injury. (Incidentally, a broken bone and a fractured bone are the same thing.)

The specialized nature of orthopedic urgent care allows the careful, yet swift, examination of a patient’s fractured bone – including their overall condition, level of pain, specific symptoms, medical history, and bodily location of the break. It leads to a personalized course of treatment that will enable complete and proper healing.

Arthritis Care

People of all ages, both genders, and all races can be susceptible to arthritis. It is the leading cause of disability in America, with more than 50 million adults and 300,000 children contracting it.

Orthopedic urgent care utilizes surgical and nonsurgical techniques to help a patient with severe arthritis pain to return to their normal activities with less pain. There are many different types of arthritis, but it most often affects people as pain in the joints.

Sports Medicine

Athletes are especially prone to injuries of the bones and muscles because of their rigorous routine almost every day. They are likely to experience traumatic sports injuries due to overuse or accidents.

Orthopedic urgent care allows for an accurate diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries so athletes can get back into shape as quickly as possible. Noninvasive and minimally invasive treatments are a top priority in order to avoid modification in regular routines.

Car Accident Injuries

Even if you do not feel like you are injured after a car accident, it is absolutely imperative to be evaluated by a physician. An orthopedic urgent care center will be able to quickly assess whether you have any internal or delayed injuries.

For example, whiplash often takes one or two days before the patient feels any soreness or stiffness. Internal injuries also may not be obvious, but an orthopedist knows what to look for.

A doctor’s evaluation will also provide evidence if a legal case is ever filed for financial coverage of any injuries from the auto accident.

Orthopedic Physicians in Detroit

For athletes and non-athletes alike, orthopedic urgent care is now available right here in Clinton Township. Our medical team at Movement Orthopedics specializes in musculoskeletal injuries with a focus on prevention education.

Whether you have a torn ACL (knee injury), a rotator cuff tear (shoulder injury), or pain from arthritis, we’re here to help you feel better and get your function back. We know how to heal orthopedic injuries as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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