Benefits of Direct Anterior Hip Replacement

benefits of direct anterior hip replacement

Direct anterior hip replacement is a surgical procedure that replaces a damaged hip bone in a minimally invasive manner. Also known as hip arthroplasty, this surgery involves replacing a part or whole hip that has been damaged beyond repair. An artificial hip piece is inserted into the body to replace the natural, damaged hip, which is extracted as part of the procedure.

Because it is a minimally invasive procedure, a direct anterior hip replacement can be beneficial to you for many reasons if hip replacement is a necessity.

Less Skin Trauma

Traditional hip replacement surgery often involves making multiple or significantly large incisions to open the body for surgery. Minimally invasive surgery like the direct anterior hip replacement requires only several small surgical cuts, so there is less skin trauma involved.

No Damage to Muscles or Tendons

With a traditional hip replacement, muscles and tendons are detached. The direct anterior hip replacement surgery does not require this step, because muscles are moved aside along their natural tissue lines – and muscles and tendons are left intact.

Fewer Risks

When any surgery is performed, there are risks for complications or unintended damage. These risks increase when more tissue is exposed during the procedure. Direct anterior hip replacement reduces the amount of tissue exposed or touched during surgery – which in turn reduces the chance of complications or unintended damage.

Less Chance of Infection

Every time an incision is made, there is a chance that bacteria, viruses, and other foreign elements could enter the body and cause an infection. This is why wounds must be kept clean and dry, and antibiotics should be taken to reduce the risk of infection. With smaller and fewer incisions, a direct anterior hip replacement helps reduce the risk of infection.

Faster Recovery

Because minimally invasive surgeries like direct anterior hip replacement require fewer and smaller incisions – and cause less damage to tissue around the surgery site – the recovery is generally faster than with traditional open surgery.

Shortened Hospital Stay

Because direct anterior hip replacement requires less recovery time and decreases the chances of infection, most procedures require shorter hospital stays. This helps you return to your home quicker for a more comfortable recovery, and saves you the high costs of an extended hospital stay.

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