The Benefits of Robotic Knee Surgery

The Benefits of Robotic Knee Surgery

At first glance, the concept of robotic-assisted knee surgery may seem like something out of a sci-fi movie. But it’s very much a reality and is providing better results than conventional knee surgery procedures for many patients.

If you’ve been diagnosed with the degenerative wear-and-tear condition known as osteoarthritis, there are several reasons you should consider undergoing robotic-assisted knee replacement surgery:

  • More accurate pre-surgical planning – Robotic-assisted knee replacement surgery, also known as MAKOplasty™, uses 3D imaging. This allows your surgeon to plan the surgery around your unique anatomy, which helps ensure the correct size and position of your implant.
  • Superior precision – Robotic-assisted knee replacement surgery enables your orthopedic surgeon to selectively target only the diseased portion of a joint area. The robotic arm controls certain aspects of the procedure in that it doesn’t allow the surgeon to deviate from the specified dimensions. That means that the healthy bone and tissue surrounding the damaged portion of the knee is preserved. Knee implant placement is also more precise, resulting in less friction and wear for the new joint and fewer complications requiring future revision surgery.
  • More natural surgical results – Just because your surgery is performed with robotic technology won’t make you feel like a “bionic” man or woman. Thanks to the technique’s accurate alignment and implant positioning, patients experience a natural-feeling joint replacement. The system’s robotic arm and state-of-the-art 3D software enable your orthopedic surgeon to design the procedure in advance and make any necessary adjustments based on real-time video imaging to achieve a more meticulous alignment than would be possible with conventional partial knee replacement.
  • Faster recovery – Robotic-assisted knee surgery is less invasive than conventional knee replacement with smaller incisions and less disturbance to surrounding bone and tissue. As a result, patients experience less postoperative pain and heal faster, enabling them to return to their normal activities that much sooner. In fact, most robotic-assisted knee replacement patients can be discharged from the hospital in just a day or two.

Not only that, but research confirms that robotic-assisted knee replacement patients report better surgical outcomes. Implants placed using this method are less likely to loosen prematurely or cause issues with surrounding joint components.

Minimally invasive robotic-assisted knee surgery is the most advanced surgical system currently available. If you are suffering from osteoarthritis, you may be a good candidate for this revolutionary technique.

The specialists at Movement Orthopedics are able to customize your partial or total knee replacement based on your unique anatomy, using a CT scan and specialized software to create a 3D model of your knee. Often performed as an outpatient procedure, this alternative to invasive knee surgery offers you a quick and virtually painless recovery.

If you are suffering from any type of joint pain, you may benefit from any number of approaches and physical therapies. Call the specialists at Movement Orthopedics at (586) 436-3785 for more information about our comprehensive treatments and services, or to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

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