What To Look For In A Sports Medicine Physician

The Unexpected Benefits of Seeing a Sports Medicine Specialist

Sports medicine isn’t just for professional athletes. True, they push their bodies to the limit and their performance may not be attainable for the average casual participant, but anyone who enjoys sports or regular physical activity can benefit from seeing a sports medicine physician. Whether you suffer from a sudden injury, such as a sprained ankle or feel something “go” in your knee, or there is a pain that comes on gradually when you’re active, a sports medicine specialist can help.

Is the physician board certified?

A board-certified physician has spent many years studying medicine and treating patients. They must pass a rigorous exam and take follow-up courses to keep their credentials current. For a sports medicine physician, board certification indicates an expertise in the form and function of the musculoskeletal system of athletes.

Experience counts

Good sports medicine physicians spend time with all kinds of athletes. From pros to school-age ballers, they know how to recognize and diagnose sports injuries. Each sport has a few (or more) injuries that come up time and again. From runners to ice hockey players, basketball to tennis, they see athletes succeed or fail based on the ability of their bodies to perform.

ABCs of surgeons

A surgeon can be amazingly skilled and effective in minimally-invasive and traditional surgeries, but watch out for surgeons who are “Always Cutting.” Surgery is rarely the first course of action with a sports injury. Around 90% of sports-related injuries and conditions can be treated without surgery. A good sports medicine specialist knows which therapies to try and what is likely to work if one treatment fails to provide relief. Sometimes an athlete needs to be in shape to play almost immediately following an injury, but in the vast majority of patients, caring for the body in the way that best promotes healing can take some time. If you do need to get right back out there, your sports medicine doctor will make sure you know how to protect yourself from further injury.

Maximizing performance

Sports medicine physicians who meet you when you have an injury will do more than relieve your pain and help you heal, they will show you how to strengthen the muscles and tissues in the affected area to improve your measurable performance. Similarly, your physician can show you what to do to avoid injuries in the future.

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