Should I Go to an Orthopedic Urgent Care After a Car Accident?

Should I Go to an Orthopedic Urgent Care After a Car Accident

The shock of getting into a car accident can prevent you from feeling the pain of an injury.

Even if you are fortunate not to suffer a life-threatening injury in the crash, strong emotions like fear, relief, anger, or distress can take attention away from your body, and a flood of adrenaline in your body can physically block you from feeling pain in the moment.

However, after the first minutes or hours pass, you will want to get checked out by a medical provider who can diagnose and treat soft tissue injuries you sustained but may not be aware of. In this case, an orthopedic urgent care is the best place to go for treatment.

The Trouble With the ER

If your life is not in immediate danger, the hospital emergency room is not the best place to seek treatment after a car accident. Hospitals generally charge more for care and you never know if you will see an orthopedic specialist with experience in musculoskeletal injuries. ER doctors have diverse training and experience in illnesses and injuries both from minor to major but, depending on how busy it is in the hospital that day and whether one or more patients needs treatment for an immediately life-threatening situation, you may not get the attention you need. It could also take hours to be seen.

Orthopedic Urgent Care

Once you get over the initial shock of a car accident, there is a tendency to minimize the pain that you feel. As if it’s something you need to shake off or get over. But prompt evaluation from a specialist will help keep even small problems from getting bigger. Untreated soft tissue injuries sustained in an auto accident can persist for your entire life. At an orthopedic urgent care center, you will be seen by a specialist who understands how you feel and can determine the location and extent of your injuries.

There is a time limit for auto insurance to address injuries sustained from an accident. Having an orthopedic physician examine you even if you aren’t in any immediate pain is an important and practical first step in taking care of the many tasks that need completion in the aftermath of an accident.

Although X-rays are commonly used to assess injuries from a car accident, they are not able to detect soft tissue injuries that may show up later. If your physician feels that you may have sustained a subtler injury like whiplash, you may need to have additional imaging tests performed, such as an MRI.

Continuity of Care

Injuries from car accidents can take years to heal. It is a disheartening truth, but it highlights the need for consistent and insightful care from your medical team. Beginning treatment at an orthopedic urgent care like Movement Orthopedics in Clinton Township, Michigan, can be the best decision you make following an auto accident. Dr. Jeffrey Carroll and his talented staff will ensure that you are diagnosed quickly, receive the best possible care now and as long as it takes for you to fully recover.

If you are in a car accident and live in the vicinity of Clinton Township, Michigan, come to the orthopedic urgent care center at Movement Orthopedics. Call (586) 436-3785 for a same-day appointment with an orthopedic specialist, or just walk in.

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