Questions to Ask Your Orthopedic Surgeon

When to Visit an Orthopedic Clinic

Do I need surgery?

Is surgery necessary to treat your condition? Are there conservative treatment options? Why does the surgeon feel that the benefit of the procedure outweighs the risk of any complications? Make sure to communicate to the doctor the symptoms you are experiencing and the extent. Is the pain intolerable? Are you not able to perform your usual activities?

How is the surgery performed?

What happens during the procedure? What does the surgeon physically do, and how does he or she get access to the area that needs attention (e.g., arthroscopically, or through a large incision)?

Do you perform many procedures like this?

Is the surgeon experienced in this procedure? What is the success rate, and what kind of complications might patients experience? How long does the solution or relief last, on average?

What can I expect?

What kind of pre-op procedures does the surgeon recommend or require? Will you need lab tests, an exam, or medication? Where will the procedure take place, and will you be able to return home the same day? What kind of anesthesia will be used? Who will monitor it and how?

What about recovery?

Is there a lot of pain involved in recovering from the procedure? What kind of pain relief will be prescribed? When can you expect to feel the benefit of the procedure? Is physical therapy necessary? When will you be back to your old activities?

If you see an orthopedic surgeon, you may benefit from bringing notes and taking notes. It can be a lot of information to process and remember, especially if you are under stress from your condition, or have anxiety over the treatment.

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