What is Robotic Knee Surgery?

Knee replacement, or arthroplasty, is a procedure where a prosthetic implant with a smooth surface is placed in the joint, replacing areas ravaged by deterioration and disease. This surgery can eliminate pain from osteoarthritis and allows the knee to move and bend freely again. The cartilage inside the knee is what wears away over time with normal wear and tear, and can also be affected by injury or trauma. There are two main types of knee replacement: partial and total.

Total knee replacement is a relatively invasive procedure with a longer recovery time than partial knee replacement, where surgery is minimally-invasive. Traditionally, partial knee replacement is performed through small incisions. The damaged portion of the knee is removed, and an implant is placed over part of the joint. Robotic knee surgery can greatly improve this procedure.

Through robotic-assisted technology from NAVIO, the surgeon makes smaller incisions and performs the surgery with the precision of a computer. The inside of the knee is displayed on a monitor and the surgeon uses the images to indicate the exact location of tissue to be removed and can place the prosthetic with even greater accuracy. This means less pain, less recovery time, and a more natural-feeling knee that lasts longer than traditional implants.

Robotic-assisted knee replacement is an out-patient procedure, and most patients return home the same day. There is very little pain after the procedure, and patients are able to move and participate in their regular activities after a very short recovery time.

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