Caring for your Joint Replacement at Home: Outpatient Joint Replacement

Caring for your Joint Replacement at Home Outpatient Joint Replacement

Outpatient joint replacement surgery, also known as same day or ambulatory surgery, has constantly been on the rise across the United States. More and more the need for joint replacement surgery has been noticed, and now it’s available outside of the traditional hospital setting. Research shows, that over the next decade the number of patients having same-day hip replacement surgery and same day knee replacement surgery is expected to skyrocket.

With outpatient or same day joint replacement surgery, patients are sent home the same day. Outpatient joint surgery is performed in a special hospital unit or outpatient (ambulatory) care center. The admission, procedure, and discharge all happen in less than 24 hours.

Same-day discharge from any surgery, let alone an invasive procedure like a joint replacement, wasn’t always a possibility. A lot of factors and advancements have had to come together to make outpatient joint replacement surgery what it is today.

In order for patients to be able to go home on the same day as their surgery, advancements had to develop with multiple aspects including technology, surgical techniques, patient education, patient pre-op preparation, discharge process, the way anesthesia is administered, etc. These advancements include making joint replacement a minimally-invasive procedure with technology such as da Vinci robotics, have drastically improved patient health, and have led to fewer hospital readmissions and shorter stays. This also means that patients experience a faster recovery and may experience a lower risk of complications.

In order for outpatient joint replacement surgery to remain a success at home, patients need to be healthy and have a strong support system and caretaker. They need to follow the surgeon’s post-op instructions to the letter and report any changes or problems not gone over by their surgeon.

In other words, a strong rehabilitation program is critical to the success of your joint replacement. After you go home, it will be strongly recommended that you continue your physical therapy and rehabilitation, to help you recover and return to your everyday activities as quickly as possible. This will also help improve someone’s overall health and quality of life.

Communication and post-operative support are also imperative to a successful outcome. Care at home (Post-op care) and physical therapy are set up prior to being discharged, and the necessary rehabilitation equipment and exercises for carrying on recovery at home are provided. Your doctor will discuss all details, pre- and post-op, with you during your joint replacement consultation. As an outpatient, joint replacement therapy may not be the right choice for everyone, eligible patients should take advantage of it.

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