The Benefits of Robotic Knee Replacement

The Benefits of Robotic Knee Replacement

Knee replacement surgery, or knee arthroplasty, has helped millions of Americans get back to their favorite activities and live a pain-free lifestyle. Robotic knee replacement offers an even better option, with less pain and faster recovery times.

Robotic knee replacement can help patients with severe knee pain regain movement, and can hopefully eliminate knee pain. Knee replacement surgery is not usually recommended until more conservative treatments have been explored, and ultimately exhausted. Your orthopedic surgeon may first recommend the use of anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy or exercise, rest, or injections to help you feel better before considering surgery.

But for patients experiencing severe pain that does not respond to more conservative treatments, knee replacement may be their best option. Knee replacement is most often performed on patients with osteoarthritis, but may also be considered for rheumatoid arthritis or severe knee injuries. Osteoarthritis occurs with age and the constant wear and tear on knees and other weight-bearing joints. Protective cartilage wears away and causes painful friction as the bones rub together.

What is knee replacement surgery?

There are two main types of knee replacement procedures, total knee replacement, and partial knee replacement. In total knee replacement, the bones that make up the knee joint are resurfaced with smooth metal and plastic. Following recovery, the patient will be able to move the joint smoothly and without pain.

Partial knee replacement surgery is less invasive and requires less recovery time. In this procedure, the surgeon replaces only the damaged portion of the knee. Robotic knee replacement is a method of partial knee replacement surgery.

Robotic knee replacement

With NAVIO robotics-assisted partial knee replacement surgery, the surgeon performs the procedure with a robotics-assisted handpiece that allows access to the injured portion of the knee through smaller incisions. Computer imaging and instrument guidance allow precise positioning of the knee implant that can improve the function, feel, and potential longevity of the partial knee implant.

With robotic knee replacement, your surgeon can achieve a higher level of accuracy in the removal of damaged bone, as the system communicates information on your specific anatomy during the procedure.

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