How Movement Improves Function and Mood

How Movement Improves Function and Mood

Studies have shown that being physically active has many benefits that can carry over to different areas of your life. Not only that, but gentle movements, such as those used in walking, yoga, meditation and tai chi, can help to reduce your perception of pain. In other words, you may be less bothered by pain when you practice slow, thoughtful movements that promote body awareness and calm.

Walking in the woods for even twenty minutes a day has been shown to lower anxiety, boost memory function and improve overall emotional health. Other studies have shown that your ability to think can be impacted in a positive way by regular activity. In one study, scientists found that movement improves decision making skills, aids in faster recall of past events and facts, and increases our ability to learn.

Movement Makes Good Body Sense

Regular activity and exercise, when done correctly, also increases joint flexibility and range of motion. It strengthens muscle and improves bone health. Sore muscles can also benefit from mild to moderate exercises such as walking.

Other hormone levels may also be improved by increased circulation and activity. Blood sugar levels and thyroid hormone levels often improve when people exercise. Moreover, regular movement can improve your body’s sensitivity to insulin, which helps your body by reducing the load on your pancreas, thereby reducing your chances of developing diabetes.

The human body simply tends towards rebalancing normal hormone levels and getting rid of toxins more efficiently when exercises such as weight training, stretching, aerobics, and walking are practiced on a routine basis, as part of an overall healthy lifestyle.

Get into Gear for a happier, Healthier Life

Many people think of exercise as boring or difficult, but it does not have to be. Simply adding regular activities that you enjoy to weekly routines, such as dancing, walking in a lovely wooded area or by a lake, cycling, running or even water therapy can make you happier, healthier and better equipped to handle stress and have healthier immune responses.

The simple key to a longer, healthier and happier life may lie in regular activity through all life stages. When added to a balanced diet, movement can create across the board benefits that lower your risk of other disorders such as heart attacks and strokes. From athletes to the elderly, people from all walks of life can benefit from a consistently active lifestyle.

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