How to Prevent Sports Injuries

How to Prevent Sports Injuries

Playing a sport comes with many great effects – discipline, accomplishment, and teamwork to name just a few. However, whether you are a seasoned athlete or a recreational novice, you can still suffer from sports injuries. These can happen suddenly or build gradually from overuse. To ensure that you can play your sport for many years to come, it is important to protect your body by avoiding common injuries.

One of the first things you are taught, even as a child, is the importance of warming up and cooling down. Muscles that have been eased into use by warming up are less likely to be strained. Simple things like stretching and/or light jogging can be done as a warm up and a cool down. This is an easy and effective way of preventing sports injuries.

Does your sport require protective gear? If so, be sure to wear it. In organized sports, you will not be permitted to play without the proper gear. Keep the same guidelines in place when playing recreationally as well. Does it fit? Are there cracks or missing parts that would make it less effective? Examine your gear after every season to see if anything needs to be replaced. An investment in proper fitting and effective protective gear can prevent many costly injuries.

Practice doesn’t always make perfect. If you continually practice or train without the proper technique, you could potentially cause yourself a serious traumatic or overuse injury down the road. Work closely with a coach or personal trainer to ensure that you are competing or training in the proper and safe way.

Lastly, know your limitations. Whether you are learning a new sport or trying to excel in a current one, be sure to set appropriate goals and expectations. Training too hard or too fast can lead to setbacks and sports injuries. Gradually increase your intensity, and listen to your body for signs of stress.

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