Choosing the RIGHT Urgent Care for Your Orthopedic Injury

Choosing the RIGHT Urgent Care for Your Orthopedic Injury

It’s the weekend and you’ve suffered a tough fall. Your ankle is swollen, bruised, and painful. You worry that it may be broken and consider going to the emergency room. Unwilling to sit and wait for hours and then pay a hefty price just to see the doctor for a couple of minutes, you consider going to an urgent care instead.

Urgent care clinics around the nation cater to those requiring non-life-threatening emergency services with extended weeknight hours, as well as weekend and sometimes holiday availability. In order for a clinic to be considered an urgent care facility, it must be staffed and equipped to handle emergency treatments.

Since urgent cares are inevitably smaller than hospitals, they are often not equipped to treat many conditions that a hospital could, such as a fractured ankle. Orthopedic urgent care facilities are an excellent alternative, as you can walk in and be seen by a specialist offering comprehensive evaluations. Your orthopedic urgent care doctor can often diagnose and treat your condition right then and there.

When choosing the right urgent care for your needs, you should look for the following:

  • Onsite diagnostics and treatments
  • Extended hours
  • Board-certified physician(s)
  • Follow-up care to ensure your injury is healing properly
  • Short wait times
  • Walk-in appointments

Movement Orthopedics is not just an urgent care facility for treating emergency conditions; we specialize in the treatment of orthopedic conditions pertaining to your musculoskeletal structure. If you are suffering from a broken bone, tendon or ligament tear, sprain, or strain and you require immediate attention, we are the right urgent care facility for you.

We provide same-day diagnostic evaluation and treatments, so you don’t have to wait to make an appointment with your primary physician for a referral, or go to the hospital for immediate specialized care. Our extended hours allow you to skip the trip to the ER for orthopedic issues after your doctor’s normal business hours, as you’d most likely receive a referral to an orthopedic specialist anyway.

You don’t have to be in an emergency situation to see the musculoskeletal experts of Clinton Township, either. Movement Orthopedics is available for walk-in or reserved appointments to receive quick treatment of chronic or sudden conditions, as well ongoing follow-up care. Our orthopedic specialists are skilled and ready to take on issues of pain management or traumatic injuries to your joints and muscles, and you won’t have to go from doctor to doctor explaining your condition time and again.

Next time you’re looking for an after-hours clinic, keep in mind the importance of matching your symptoms to the specialty of the clinic. For all your musculoskeletal needs, our orthopedic urgent care clinic in Clinton Township is open extended hours every day to provide you with skilled urgent and continued care whenever you need it. Walk in anytime, reserve an appointment online, or call (586) 436-385 today to meet with one of our experienced emergency orthopedic physicians today.

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